We Are Human Beings Capable of Love

Love is a difficult thing. You never knew where love can take you. Everyone loves differently, but the result is the same (when it is unconditional and pure). It can be the most beautiful thing in the world, but can also be the most scariest thing in the world. When society things of love, it is determined by trust, communications, intimacy, sexual encounter, and compromises.  Love is, unfortunately, not what you see in fairy tales. It is unexpected and not rational. Love includes feeling for the other that goes beyond any selfishness or self-interest on the part of the loved one.

I always believed that no matter the situation and no matter the struggle that love is the strongest of all emotions. It conquers everything and keeps the relationship going. However, society makes love more about materials and other things rather than working things out and compromise. Cheating used to be the issue. It does not seem that way anymore. It seems more about accepting someone as a human being. Sometimes, It is not fair and all people want is patience and acceptance. I believe that is the true meaning of loving someone.

I had issues where I was cheated on so many times, I almost gave up on love. It was something simple as to wanting to wait to have sex. Then I had break ups where it was because I choose not to want children in my future. I tell whomever I am dating my goals and plans for my future. I am told they want the same things, but change their mind. It is hard that some only want to be accepted in society. Why can’t we support ourselves as human beings? Love is powerful and all someone wants is to be loved without judgement.

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