What NOT to Do During A Job Interview

Going to an interview can be stressful and unpredictable. You know really know what could happen. You can either be thrown in a group interview with a panel of employees from the company with 7-8 potential workers. Or you could be in a single, one-on-one interview with a manager. Some can take two hours and other can take 15-20 minutes, You never know what could happen. There are a lot of things I have learned from the many of the interviews I have been on, high school, and college that you should not do during or right before an interview. I have watched people go in for an interview and I wonder how they will get through it.

DON’T Smoke

I know people smoke. What you do with your time does not concern me. However, before your interview, a person should not smoke. It leaves a smoker’s odor. I have personally seen this one myself and it is distracting because I do not smoke. However, what if one of the managers does not smoke. They can smell it. If you are going to smoke, do it hours before your interview and not right before you go in for that interview. It is just a case of common courtesy.

DON’T Dress Inappropreately

This is the most common mistake some people make, especially younger American’s. Unless the company says otherwise, dress professionally. I have been on several group interviews and interviews companies have back to back or job fairs. Always dress to impress. For me, I have always been complimented on how I dressed, even if I did not get the job. I have always been professionally dress. DO NOT wear jeans or sneakers to an interview even if it is business casual.

DON’T Forget To Do Your Research

This is one some of us easily forget. I have done that a few times myself. Companies will simply ask if you have been to their location or their website. It only takes about 20 minutes to pick up some points on the company you are interviewing for. Then, you can make a list of questions to ask. They will always ask you if you have any questions.

DON’T Be Late

This is the biggest one for me and self-explanatory. I have been waiting in offices longer than I had to because someone before me who was scheduled for an interview did not show or came late. It is a waste of time. You show that employee you will always be late. Arrive 15 minutes for the interview. I am normally there 30 minutes for. Tardiness is a pet peeve of mine.

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