Anime Expo 2015

Anime Expo 2015

Los Angeles, California

Thursday, July 2 – Sunday, July 5, 2015


Cosplay was in full force this year, with a lot of quality cosplay throughout the day. Sports cosplay was popular. There was a lot of Sailor Moon, Steven Universe, and Parasyte Cosplay. All the cosplay’s were fun to see, especially the most intricate ones.  The con itself was probably the best experience I have ever attended. I have been to anime conventions before, but this year was exciting and full of fun and culture. I will say this. Be careful who you pay money with and who you room with. A lot of us ended up getting a new room because of one woman who scammed up trying to put 22 people in one one. Then, using our money to go to Little Tokyo everyday. However, we all ended up friends, while leaving her be. Our first night we had pizza, which was quite good. I personally went to Starbucks every day. It was right downstairs; it couldn’t be helped.


Day 1, I cosplayed as Catwoman. I outdid myself, because a lot of people really liked my Steampunk version of Catwoman. I used a black corset for the top and incorporated a lot of lace into the outfit. The cat mask really fir the outfit well. However, standing outside in line made my face sweat way too much. It was worth it, because people loved it. I even got a photo shoot that day. Photos will be coming soon for those.


Day 2, it was even better. A lot more people showed up for con. I even participated in a Marvel Gathering at 3:30pm that day. I cosplayed as Blackcat. This one turned out quite well. Everyone loved the white wig. I had white gloves and white fur boot covers. This time, I just had a face mask and more make-up. Usually on day 1 I look around in the exhibit hall. Day 2 I scope what to buy and the first thing I bought was a katana. it is a blue half-length katana. It is sharper than my full length one. That was my biggest purchase the entire weekend. I also found out there was a small shopping center down the street. It was a nice walk. It had a Target, H&M, and Victoria’s Secret. Yes, I found some things on sale at Victoria’s Secret for $30. I got a bra, a pair of panties, and a top. That night we all had Chinese food.


Day 3, fourth of July. The crowds got bigger and the cosplays got better. I went as Storm. However, I did not have the headpiece nor the cape. I used Steampunk goggles and now I was Steampunk Storm. I noticed a lot of people do not see Steampunk too often so a lot of people loved it. I purchased a Sailor Moon scroll and 10 button pin. I collect them. Every con, I always go to the Dick Blick table for art supplies. I got an artist tube last year. I got an artist bin this year. Later that day, we got Chinese food in Chinatown. It was a little expensive, but the food was very good and authentic. I also got my Shrimp with broccoli. Then we all watched the fireworks from the room. It was an awesome view from the JW Marriott Hotel.

Day 4, the last day has always been a relaxing day. I do not cosplay that day. I usually roam the exhibit hall and take a bunch of last minute pictures. I left around 2 pm to go home. The rest left a little later. I have already thought of plans for next years Anime Expo. My goal this year was to make new friends outside of AX and I did.

Click here for some photos.

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