If You Disagree About Procreation, Is Your Relationship Doomed?

I have always believed in true, unconditional love. I believe love is the strongest feeling and more powerful than anything. When you love someone, I believe it should be forever filled with experiences, compromises, communication, and true devotions. However, the issue of procreation comes into the relationship and it can either be a good outcome or a bad outcome depending on how a couple handles it. Personally, I have been through my share of failed relationships through the many cheating on me or just leaving me for someone better (who can give them sex or children). I do not like just dating and seeing how it goes in the end. I was never the type. I have always wanted a real relationship that leads to marriage and togetherness.

My thoughts and questions are that is it possible for a relationship to work when one partner wants children and the other does not? I have read a lot of articles to either change my decision or make me think about it more. However, I came to the same conclusion that I do not want children in my future. I do not want to go through the process of having a child, being pregnant, or being a mother in general. I would rather be a cool aunt. I have read that you should think it through before ending things with a partner. It is hard because I love my partner more than words can express. You could say I am much more mad at myself. I am not mad at him at all, especially since the man that is supposed to be his father has not been one to him and choose to be with his wife over him. Not only that, he brushed the abuse my partner was given from him “under the rug” and acted like it never happen. Of course, he would want to be a father more than ever. He never had one. I am just disappointed in myself believe he would not change his mind because he didn’t want children at first.

I personally moved away from home, across the US to be with him. I wanted to live with him. I almost withdrew all the money I had to live with him. I took a risk and a chance and end up disappointed myself. From a national research conducted on men and women in the U.S, 70% of women want children and 80% of men want the same. So, I would be amongst 30% of women who do not want to procreate. It is a choice that will make me happy. However, it risks me being lonely. My advice from research is to make sure your partner is on the same level regarding major life choices.

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