Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

If you enjoy shopping at Victoria’s Secret, but find it pricy, this would be the time to go.

When is the Semi-Annual Sale:
There are 2 Semi-Annual Sales yearly. Typically, they will start in May (online) and June (in-store) or December/early January (online) and January (in-store).

There are a few tips for shopping this sale and few things that you need to know. First, the sale starts with items about 50% off. BUT, they will be marking items lower a few days later all the way down to 75% or more. If you take a look at your receipt you will see that they have a “price adjustment” policy, which means if the price goes LOWER within 14 days of purchasing your item they will give you back the difference.

How to shop the sale: 

  • Get in there early to shop. From experience, as long as you get there by noon you can get all the good sizes.
  • Shop within the first few days of the sale. This is when all the good sizes (XS, S, M,L ), and the good colors are available.
  • Panties start at 3.99 and bras start at 16.99.
  • You will find things you normally do not see in your local store.
  • The bigger the store, the more items they will have.
  • They will try to offer you the Angel Card. If you cannot pay your card in full every time, do not get it. They will ask you a few times.
  • Buy what you think you are going to need. I would recommend a bra first. If you can find a matching panty, get it.
  • You CANNOT use coupons with this sale. This is just a heads up.

Here are a few more tips: 

  • The sale starts online first. However, there are more in store.
  • The first day is CRAZY, just be prepared for the madness in the store.
  • If you like matching sets, get those first. They will sell out.
  • The winter sale is always better than the summer sale. Just my opinion.

What I find:

  • When I lived on the east coast, I got better deals on body mists and accessories.
  • However, I live on the west coast. I live in a smaller area, but I have a little more money to shop. I can buy clothing items.
  • I was able to get a 65.00 VSX sports pant for 39.99. That is about 50% off.
  • Photo Jun 09, 1 31 03 PMI was able to get a bra for $16.99. 36C is a popular size.Photo Jun 09, 1 29 48 PM

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