Cruelty Over The Internet

I have accepted the face that the world is cruel and insane. I have been bullied as a child until high school. In high school, it became meaningless teasing. However, the Internet controls everyone’s emotions and thoughts. It is part of our society and is continuously expanding. Even though good things come from being online and chanting with friends, browsing through social media, and making connections. The Internet has also peeled back our culture and shown how cruel and selfish we really are. Anything you post on the Internet stays on the Internet. However, it is easier to be cruel when it is not face-to-face. The anonymity means they can express their inner selves. There is also the stoplight effect. We do not see the green lights. We see the red lights we stop at. We do not see the lurkers. We do not see polite comments, but the mean ones stand out.

For example, I wrote my first article on Thought Catalog. My first article is about a sensitive issue of women being childless. My intentions were not to offend anyone. When I write, I want to view both sides of the spectrum. I am not a one sided individual. However, the comment I received proved otherwise. I do not mine constructive criticism. I welcome it. However, the comment I received was not constructive. To be honest, it was rude and uncouth. Not only was I called illiterate, but also I was called stupid, fat, a loser, and ugly. I am used to the name-calling and even the backlashing. This individual purposely spelled my name wrong, disrespect my accredited college I attended, and the disrespect of my father.

I will not lie, words can sting, but they do not hurt. I am a wise individual. The one thing I have learned and not to take things seriously. This applied to comments made that aren’t constructive or reasonable. People have a tendency to be opinionated. I am too. However, dumb opinions and unresolved issues are easily fed through mean and judgmental things over the Internet. As a result, there are no consequences for those actions. There is no point in yelling and shouting obscurities. At this point, we have to ignore it. Cruelty over the Internet has truly become a common thing.


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