No Ordinary Style: My Style Profile

I am not a fashion designer (always dreamed of being one), but my style has always been original and mixed with edginess and flair. Anything from beautiful skirts and dresses, cool shoes, edgy heels, and stylish blouses I try to be my own person and no one else. I am also into cultural fashion, especially Japanese, Chinese, and African styles.

WHY IS FASHION IMPORTANT: To me, fashion is a way to expand on creativity. It can also be a key way to unite other cultures with each other and a form a communication. I use it to express myself as an artist.

STYLE ICONS: I have always been a fan of Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and Janelle Monae. They all can achieve this naturally beauty mixed with edgy style that personifies their personality as strong black women. They are classy and chic. For example, Janelle Monae can pull off white and black colors very elegantly. I am a member of Swing Phi Swing S.F.I. and it means even more because she can adorn our colors so well. Jill Scott is from the east coast in Philadelphia, growing up 5 minutes away from where I live. She is an encouraging woman with class.

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: I have several favorite depending on my mood. One day I would like something edgy like Versace to something elegant like Oscar D La Renta. Other favorites include Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and Max Mara.

IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN HISTORY, WHAT ERA WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE IN: I would love being in the style of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s where fashion was even more classy and the music was fun, experimental, and creative. I am really into vintage and classic evening gowns, especially of the 70’s models and singers.

FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH: Right now, my favorite two places are downtown Philadelphia and downtown LA. That is the best of both between hometown and a lot of sun. I love big buildings and architecture. I even love the semi-fast paced environment. I also like Brooklyn. New York especially near Museum Row. All these places have a culture that fascinates me on an intellectual level and artistic level. This will change as I travel more.

WHAT I WANTED TO BE AS A CHILD: A singer/songwriter, fashion designer, and graphic design. I accomplished one out of the three, because I am currently a graphic designer.

GO-TO LOOK: It is spontaneous, depending on my mood. I feel in the moment.

ITEM YOU WOULD NEVER PART WITH: My handbag. It isn’t a designer, but it can hold everything i need. It isn’t too small, but it isn’t super big either. It is big enough to hold my tablet, but small enough for compartments to hind personal items.

GUILTY FASHION PLEASURE: Heels and fedoras. I cannot resist, especially if they are on a good sale. They usually match anything I wear.

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET: Personally, I would be honored to meet any fashion design who makes an impact in the world with their creativity and design. When I was younger, I did want to meet Oscar de la Renta, however, he has past and I never got the opportunity.

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