Push Your Body To Its Physical Limits

A lot of people want to workout, but do not know where to start are not motivated enough.

Start small, and build up gradually. Some try to do too much and some try to do too little. Make the effort, but do not burn yourself out or injure yourself.

Keep moving. You may start with walking, but then you can add some jogging. DO a few pushups and crunches. So you will be doing more than you will image.

Keep it fun. Keep your training and workouts interesting. If you are not interested or motivated during your workouts, then you will get bored and just go through your workouts without trying. Push yourself or maybe add a friend.

Here are three rules to training (that I follow):

Rule 1: It’s training; if you aren’t sweating then you aren’t working hard enough.

Rule 2: Follow rule number 1.

Rule 3: Stay hydrated. Don’t think you are Batman or Superman or Goku with sensu beans. They aren’t real.


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