Interview On A Budget

It is 2015, and these days people still do not dress correctly for an interview. Some may have the clothes in their closet and decide that it is not needed. Wrong, you should always dress to impress. Never wear jeans or denim. It does not matter what interview you are going to for any job. It should be clean and simple. I believe you can get interview clothes for a budget in you shop smart. My latest interview was for Lids. They sell hats.


First off, my hair is twisted into a bun. It is clean, not bright coloring, etc. I have a traditional sheer blouse. It is sleeveless with a gray and black pattern. Nothing distracting. It was priced at $1.99. Over the blouse is a simple, black blazer. It was priced at $14.99 at Sears. Below is an all black pencil skirt. Being that I am tall, it stops a little above the knees. It was priced at 13.99. However, on an average height, it will fall at the knees. The shoes are a traditional, open toe shoetie from Payless. I got them during their buy one, get one half off sale. The shoe came to about $9.00.

I personally love a good bargain and I believe anyone can get a good bargain by just doing a little looking, stop rushing, and shop around. For an interview, dress to impress. I know when I do, I always get complements and gain a tremendous amount of confidence.

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