Do What’s Healthier for You

Everyone is usually on the quest to look thinner, toner, and healthier. The goal is always to be healthy first. Finding things that will help you towards your overall goal is like finding the differences between good and evil. I have always had an athletic build. I even have a semi 6-pack. Not the best, but it is there. They say the perfect waist is 30 inches. If that is the case, then that is my waist size. I have broad shoulders, wide hips, thick thighs, and toned calfs.

My problem is that the only sugary item I craze is ice cream. Somehow, I feel like I gained more muscle than anything else. Here are some tips to start out on to help you achieve your goals.

  • Avoid sugar. Most drinks have almost 50 grams sugar in them. Read your food labels and see how much sugar is in them. I know some people need sugar, so strive between 5-7 grams of sugar. No more than 10. You cannot stop it cold turkey, it is a gradual process.
  • Cook your own food as much as possible, even if it is a snack. I, personally, make my own french fries. I do not go to fast food places for fries. Making it yourself cuts down the sodium. Again, read your nutrition labels.
  • People say it all the time, but it is true. Drink water. The ideal is half your body weight. I weigh, 167 (I am tall and slender). It is said to multiply by 2/3 (67%). For me, I would drink 111.89 ounces of water. That is about 14 cups. If you use water bottles, that is about 6.5 bottles of water a day. Everyone is different and has a different body type. Infuse your water with fruit. I prefer peaches and lemon.
  • Working out is another key. Do something that is physical, that you enjoy. If you like walking, walk to places in your neighborhood and make it an 45-60 minute walk. I work on endurance so I try incorporating different workout techniques that work for my body. I am even trying HIIT. I use it for running. My favorite is working toward agility because I am an athlete. Again, everyone’s body type is different and not every workout and style works for everyone You have to find what works for you naturally.

I am nutritionist or health expert, but I do believe some of these tips will work for anyone willing to try because they are basic.

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