Why I Choose to Become Childfree

I stopped talking about this subject because of the ridicule I receive because of it. I am in my mid-twenties and I have made up my mind since I was 16 years old that I want to be childless. I used to feel bad about it because everyone thought I was crazy. I do not feel bad at all. There are even famous celebrities who chose to be childless, including Oprah Winfrey, Betty White, Cameron Diaz, and even Condoleezza Rice. It is a big deal and a big decision. People have their reasons to be childless. I have my own reasons.

My dad never really pressured me about it, but he always believes that I would change my mind. Even my exes thought I would change my mind. I have been cheated on and broken up because of my decision. Again, I was told I was selfish. To me, I believe that we live on a dying planet slowly being ravaged by the sheer weight of humanity. The pressure of creating new life is still prevalent. People say things like: You won’t know how much you’ll love having a child until you have one. Come on, why would you say this? It is like telling a sociopath to just murder someone.

Here’s the deal. I have no intention to create new life and I will not regret it. I took a good, long look at myself over a period of time and realized I just do not want children. I am not interested. The second reason is because we have enough humans in this world. In fact, we have millions who have been abandoned, use a place to live, and some food to eat. However, society overlooks these people as creatures of nothing. Yet, we continue to create life and some women are criticized for not wanting to create another life. Also, there are women who want children and cannot. I would donate my eggs so those women can have children one day. If for any reason, I want to have children, I would adopt because there are other children who need someone to take care of them. A woman should not be criticized and what some fail to realize; it is a woman’s body. It is theirs and no one else.

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  1. Mellyssa, Mellyssa, Diggs. Here’s your dad’s opinion on your decision to be childless. I totally agree it’s your decision to not have children just like it’s the decision of other women. I just believe you agonize and criticize just a little too much. You made a decision and you do not have to prove that to anyone even to me. Of course, dear, a parent love to have grandchildren, but speaking for myself if you can’t or don’t wish to put your heart and soul in taking care of the child you created. Your decision is right on point and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. I must admit when you first brung up the subject. I just didn’t understand why would you say that and you really never gave me a specific reason other then you didn’t want to, not to say you have to give me a reason, but having a conversation with your child, one want to know why they do what they do and the reason they do it.

    Now, dear heart. You know that I’m opinionated, straight forward and not about drama. You do contradict yourself on this subject. If you believe that this world is over populated, a dying planet, and have millions of abandoned children. Oh, why, would you even consider donating your eggs to someone else? The problems you say that is in this world are still there no matter if you have children or the next ten women have them. So you made a decision be cool with it and move on. If the people you associate with give you a bad time, you should find other associations. Whoever you plan to be with long-term boyfriend, husband, etc. If they are cool with it the hell with the rest. One more thought. Whatever decisions you make in life (whatever it is) you are the one should accept it, live with it, and have no regrets. Love ya. I ‘m going to bed.

    1. Thank you. It is only because of recently I know someone who cannot have children and I know they really want one but due to a condition they have, they cannot. I always feel bad in that instance.

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