Things You Must Have In Your Closet/Dresser

As women, we shop and buy more clothes and accessories than men. That is a given but there are things you must have in your wardrobe. Here is a list that men and women should have in their closet/dresser at all times.

– Three types of panties: one for normal wear, one for that time of the month, and one for special occasions.
– Four types of bras: a sports bra, an every day bra, a strapless bra, and one for special occasions (to match the panties)
– Three types if socks: sports socks, everyday socks, and dress socks (for work and interviews, etc).
-Nude stockings
– Two matching two piece suits (black and one other color)
– A good pair of jeans and the everyday jeans.
– A good pair of heels.
– A good pair of running sneakers.
– A good pair of walking shoes
– A workout outfit (complete with top and bottom)
– A good “out to dinner” dress.

– 5 pairs of boxers/underwear
– A good pair of jeans
– A good pair of dress shoes
– Running sneakers
– Work boots or shoes
– A complete workout outfit (with top and bottom)
– Undershirts
– 5 dress shirts (one black, grey, and three other colors)
– Two pairs of dress pants (black and grey)

This is just a typical list I believe is needed for men and women.

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