6-7 days a week I workout and train my body normally at 6:30am but always before my day begins. I am a experimentalist. I like to try multiple workouts and routines at least one.
I recommend getting at least one 20-45 minute cardio session a week. It could be running, walking fast, biking, sports, or dancing. Each day should be a double focus groups. One of my days would be arms and abs, or abs and legs. By doing this, you burn more calories. Here is a sample of one of my workouts.

• 20 minutes of intense cardio that includes running on treadmill, dancing, and/or sprinting.

• Circuit exercises that includes-
-3 sets of burpee of 10 reps
-3 sets of glute bridges of 5 reps
-3 sets of jump squats of 10 reps
-3 sets of planks of 10 reps
-3 sets of jumping jacks of 10 reps
-3 sets of push-ups of 10 reps

• Light weight training

• Yoga practices for physical and mental fitness

• Basic exercises like lunges, squats, crunches and push-ups

Just remember, not everything is for everyone. If it is too difficult or starting to feel pain that isn’t correct then you should stop. Train like an athlete.

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