Workout Tips for Women

As women, we should constantly take care if out bodies inside and out, mentally and physically. First things first, you should love the body your are in, you did. It choose that body but you can maintain it. Secondly, what you eat reflex on your body physically and mentally. Staying hydrated with water is key and eating fruits and vegetables with your meals. Everything should be in moderation including moderation itself. Thirdly, and hour of physical activity a day will keep the body active that includes cardio (or sport), weight training, and toning exercises. I think taking a break is important, too. Over-training can be a problem. It can definitely set you back farther than it can set you ahead. So definitely take that time to relax and kick your feet up.

My advice is to pick something different each day to focus on. If it’s being more self-confident that day, pick something you like about yourself, focus on that and you’ll find that when you’re more happy within, that’s going to show up on the outside. Or maybe it’s eating breakfast the next day to kick start your metabolism. Maybe it’s going for a walk around the block. Whatever it is, start little and work your way up.

I stretch too. Stretching is very important for your body, especially as you get older and lose flexibility. Work on your flexibility even if it is touching your toes everyday or a bend of stretch. You will see a difference in your flexibility. Though, I can stretch more than a average person in general, I make sure I do everyday to keep from muscle cramps.

Another is weight training. Women shouldn’t be intimidated to lift some weights. I know some women are afraid that if they weight train they are going to gain bulk and get really muscular and heavy but our bodies don’t necessarily work that way unless you are body building. Weight training strengthens your bones, gives you healthy muscles and protects your joints.

You should always take care of yourself and no deprive yourself. I think everything is OK in moderation. If you work hard and you want something, have it. That’s motivation to work out even harder. I just find that if you get too obsessive about anything, it will drive you nuts.

Not everything works for everyone. Find what works for you. Find what you like and then it won’t feel like work.

Try new things. Be different. Don’t ever settle for anything. Just keep challenging yourself.

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