Hydration: It’s Essential

Summer is here and it is hot across America. The one essential way to stay cool is to be hydrated. Water, of course, is number one. Here are some tips to stay cool and hydrated throughout the summer and all year long.

  • Drink a bottle of water immediately after waking up in the morning.
  • Drink a glass of cold water during or after breakfast
  • Take a cold shower before heading out for the day or when it gets really hot.
  • Eat cold foods, such as fruits, cold sandwich, etc.
  • Eliminate soda.
  • Wet your hair more often and use heat on your hair less often.
  • Use a refrigerated face mask (also helpful for headaches)
  • Take up swimming or go to a water park.
  • If it is too hot, stay indoors.
  • Relax more often.
  • Drink cold water before bed (Helps you fall asleep faster and keep your body cooler)
  • Have some sort of air circulation (fan or air conditioner)

These tips will help you feel and tay hydrated throughout your body and save you a trip to the hospital.


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