Asian Persuasion: It Is Not About Size, It Is About The Fit

Personally, I like wearing Asian clothing. They have a different sizing chart than clothing from the United States. Also, they are cheaper than many clothes in American. For example, it you wear a size 10, you may have to get a size 12. The cut and the fit is usually equivalent. When shopping, make sure you know what the return policy is especially if you can not try it on or you are ordering things online. For me, I am between a size 10-12 (tall) with a 33-34 inch inseam, medium-large size top, and my shoes are 8.5-9. I have always been in-between sizes because I shop at a variety of stores and online shops and the sizing are quite different. The sizes may run small or run big. That is why I make sure I check my measurements to make sure it is long enough, big enough and that it will fit and reading the fine print. Some retailers (especially online) may say they run small or run big or true to size.


Outfit: Americanized Asian From Across the Way

Boat Neck Sheer Top: Ordered from, imported from China from the brand Allegra K. I paid only $6.08. Similar items from other stores can start from $15 and up.

Basic Essential Skirt. H&M, Headquarters based in Sweden. Paid only $5.99. Similar items from other stores run for between $10-$15.

This is a basic outfit for less than $15.00


Cosplay of the Naruto and Street Fighter Persuasion.

Tin Tin from Naruto or Chung Lei from Street Fighter.

Asian Dress: Ordered from Ebay, paid only about $19.00. Similar dress can run for about $35.

Leggings: Walmart, costing about $7.00. The brand itself can cost about $20.

Naruto Headband: Paid close to $6.00. Can cost anywhere from $16.00 to $33.00

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