Inspector Inspired: Go Go Gadget!

The average height for a woman is actually 5’7″. I am currently 5’9″ Being tall runs in the family. I have always dressed to impress. Being tall, I have gotten accustomed to wearing heels. When i was back in pennsylvania I had an outfit for just going to center city with a nice pair of heels. Just like my clothes, I get my heels at a bargain. A typically pair of heels can run between $40 to as high as $90 unless name brand then it is possibly higher. Here is a prime example:


Those shoes had a retail value of about $69.98. They were on sale for 70% off. That day I had two $10 off coupons. The price of these wonder heels came to $3.98. I purchase these shoes at DSW.


So the outfit for the day I call Inspector.


The idea was inspired by the weather being in Maryland for two days. To keep my hair straight and frizz-free from the rain, I wrapped my hair in a silk scarf and put a hat on (like inspector gadget. Black and navy are the colors (it was that dreary out). Remember, inspector gadget wore a trench coat. I turned that idea into something more stylish with a black trench coat inspired jacket with a belt, denim skirt, black tights, and black shoeties.

Here is the price breakdown: The hat was $5.00 from Walmart. The jacket was $17.99 from Pay Half. The skirt was $4.99 from Burlington Coast Factory. The shoes was actually around $29 from DSW (where I worked at the time). I would say the entire outfit was under $60. Retail Value in total: $115-$120.

I had a little more money then, so I was able to spend a little more.

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