Fashion Has Arrived: Fitness Attire

I have always been into fashion for a bargain. I believe everything can be bought cheaper or on sale, you just have to look for it. My first outfit of the day is always my workout entire. It is usually yoga pants or sweatpants with a tank, sweatshirt or a t-shirt.



The shirt I am wearing s from Nike and the pants are from Victoria’s Secret Sport. Here is where thrift stores and deals come into play. First of all, the Nike Dri-Fit Running Tank Top normally cost $35 and Victoria’s Secret Sport Supermodel Capri normally cost between $59.50-$62.50. These are retail value prices. Now, I work for Goodwill and I work for a very good store where a lot of good things are donated including lots of name brand items.

So the tank top ended up being $5.99 and the capri ended up being $6.99 and I bought two. Originally, those three would have been over $100, but I end up paying less than $20 (with my employee discount, it was less than $15). Amazing deal and it is brand new (mint condition).

I am always told that people would not shop at thrift stores. The economy is getting more expensive everyday and unless you are rich or making 6 figures things become more unaffordable. The key things to look for is unrepeatable seems loose, holes, sweat spots (especially underneath the arms). If you see these things then you do not purchase it, also check the environment you are in as well. You can tell a thrift store is really good.

This fashionista is out. More Bargain fashions and look coming soon.

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