The Interesting Things You Can Do With Nail Polish

I had just finished painting my nails yesterday and thought to myself that there are several other ways I have used nail polish on everyday things. Here are  few things I have used nail polish on:

  • I am allergic to certain metals, plated metals, and most fashion jewelry. I have a set of pearls (fashion type pearls) that I am also allergic to but was required to be worn when I was in the concert choir. I used clear nail polish to keep the material from tarnishing. This goes for all jewelry. It keeps the jewelry from bring oxidized.
  • Threading a needle can sometimes be a hassle. I used to lick the ends of it so I can thread the needle and after a few tries I would get it. You can used clear nail polish at the end of the thread and let it dry and the thread will be a lot easier to thread.
  • To add color and edge to your keys, you can paint the ends of them with color nail polish.
  • If you are like me who is tired of licking envelopes and using tape that may come off. Try clear nail poilish underneath the flap to help with dealing envelopes.

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