13. The Way of A Sexual Lifestyle

If You Don’t:

The pressure is on and there he/she goes. You have a decision to do this or not. What do you choose? Many females and some males do not want to show of their bodies until marriage (like myself) but for many people it is wrong. The thought of this decision makes you feel very unwanted and different to the point of loneliness.

It isn’t the end of the world if you didn’t. You are better off in more ways then you think. Protecting yourself and your body is your temple. They’re unable to touch unless you let them too. Yes, you should feel confident in your own skin and yes, you should be able to feel good about your body but showing it is not a way unless you are ready to do so.

I was never accepted for who I am and I’m still not. I had boyfriends who left because in their minds “sex” is a necessity. No! Many notice I am way too independent and others notice I have a body. I wasn’t born with that body. I worked hard for the body I have. Many people fail to understand that I won’t change who I am especially my abstinence. It is crazy to those who don’t approve but it is the most important thing to everyone else that is serious about it, especially me.



Abstinence is in many forms but the one I am referring to is “sexual abstinence” in which it is a practice voluntarily refraining from some or all sexual activity. I engage in long-term abstinence meaning until marriage. Yes, this is my decision in which I will not change. Abstinence is often associated with religious ascetism whether you are Christian, Hindu, Juda, Catholic, or Islam.

To me, abstinence is a lifestyle. Some are antisexuaism and some are asexualism. I was asexualism which means that I am not interested in “making love” or “sex”. Many people think that it is a part of life and it really is not. I am not the only one there are other people around the world are like that. You mind can always change when you meet the right one (or believe you have). To this day, it is not a big priority because I can go week without.

No one has the right to change someone’s lifestyle because it changes the persons self esteem from good or great to bad. All a person wants is to be accepted for who they are even if they are abstinant.


Difference Between “Making Love” and “Sex”:

This is a ard hitting topic I discovered in a dicussions in the 8th grade. Many in todays society think that having sex and making love are the same thing and the same concept. It is not.

“Making Love” is when you truly love someone with no possible lust emotion to it and even if you decide someone does not want to do this. It is because that person is not ready not because they don’t love them but it always end up being the interpretation of someone.

“Sex” is something that is sensual but not the feeling that is eternal. If you are having sex with someone you truly do not love that person no matter how much you claim you do or how much you like that person. Sex is a form of lustful pleasure.

***Assuming that we get around loosing our virginity, we can except to carry on having sex until the grand old age of 81 – when we might die, according to statistics I recently read.

In what I read, a person will probably have sex about 7564 times in their lifetime.

‘Everyday 120 million acts of sexual intercourse take place around the world – resulting in 910,000 conceptions.’*

If that is something you desires then go for it but I am a female and I take serious about how I am and my body. I believe others do as well ***

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