12. Times Have Changed: Society Falling Apart?

What you have until it’s Gone:

These days you realize what you have until it’s gone. When someone dies, I get distraught whether I know them or not. Back in 2008, I never really knew that Mr. Harry Woodhouse would actually die because he was actually the one who got me over my fear of being in front of others. That when I was in the 6th grade. He was my choir director as well as the dean the Chart School I used to go to. Now, Bernie Mac dies as well of complications of pneumonia, which is really crazy. He was only 50. The simplest death I heard to date was a woman dying from drinking too much water. Drinking too much water? How bad can it possibly get? It is bad enough that society is getting shot and killed everyday but now people are dying even just by drinking water. My hometown of Chester is pretty much a war zone.


In most parts of Africa they have no basic needs of survival. It is the same for other countries. I smile being lucky that have I have someone no mater how much my life sucks, it is worse for others. This is the reason why I tell others that I am used to my father being strict all my life because we’re loosing society, we’re loosing population we are loosing our youth, and we’re loosing ways of basic survival.


Loosing the American Population:

It is said the U.S population is at 300 million but each minute we’re loosing many people but every couple seconds someone is born more rapidly that the previous years. Society used to be able to life for a very long time, over the age of 100 but now the life expectancy of a male in the U.S is 75, 63 in the developing world and the life expectancy of a female in the U.S is 80, 67 in the developing world. Soon, no one will life to see over the age of 50, which is ridiculous.


The government is basically dying. Why do you think the gas prices are so high? The government is bankrupted and needs money of higher demand to stay alive. If this continues the banks and stocks will collapse, unable to carry out a war, watches as the world switches to the Euro, and the over-valued and frankly worthless debt-stricken dollar collapses. Even the Federal Reserve collapses if this happens. This is spiraling out of control. Money is need for basic survival and that shouldn’t be the case. We may be a free country and have more than other countries have but society is still imprisonment of the U.S Government.


Taking Life for Granted:

Since we’re loosing so much of our society I try to make sure to help as many people as possible whether they deserve it or not because you never know when you’re going to just need a simple favor and it may be from someone you dislike.


Many people do not take me seriously of my abstinence because that is one thing I am willing to save. So, I never take life for granted and even though I may not go much of anywhere or was able to live my childhood like normal people I am willing to help someone even if it is giving someone a simple 2 dollars especially since I know what their intentions are.

I made a life long list I plan to achieve before I die because I plan to live way past the life expectancy. I plan to life over 100 and in good heath but never taking my life for granted.

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