Ways To Make Your Heels More Comfortable

Wearing high heels is a pleasure for the eye but can be a pain for person wearing it! People wonder how I am able to wear my heels all the time. I use some tips to help my feel feel more comfortable.

– Know your height limit: Do not try to walk in a 5 inch heel when you clearly can only walk comfortably in 4 inch heels. My height limit is about a 3 1/4 that I can comfortable walk down the street in. The limit varies on age, body type, and the individual.

– Correct the way you walk: Walking on heels is never easy, try at least to change your posture and way of walking to make your heels more bearable to walk in. Always keep your head and spine straight, as if you’re being pulled up by a string. As you walk, use your hips to shift and lift your legs to the center with each step you take. Your pace should look more like a light bounce than like you’re saving yourself from a fall. Since wearing your heels means your feet no longer form a 90 degree angle with your ankles, changing your gait will help you readjust your body’s center of gravity and find balance.

– Use Gel Insoles: They can prevent your toes from scrunching and prevent blisters! You can find high heel insoles with arch shaping to keep pressure off your foot, those are the best for you! For me, my feet sometimes slide so I prefer cushion at the balls of my feet.

– Prefer Heels with Ties or Straps: Always Go for the adjustable straps to accommodate the swelling. And prefer the ones with ties or straps to avoid your feet from slipping out of the shoe or prevent you from dragging your feet 😉

– PICK A SHAPE THAT AFFORDS OPTIMAL COMFORT: It’s very important!!! Platforms have the advantage of cutting down the distance your heels are elevated above the balls of your feet. A rounder toe box is way more comfortable and better for your feet, because it allows your toes to lay flat. However, pointy toes are doable as long as the point of the shoe stretches out instead of stopping right where your toes would rest. I personally prefer the heels with a open toe platform and round toe box heel because they are way more comfortable and you can match it with your outfit.

-Bring two pairs of shoes: If you have to wear your heels for your 8 hour work shift and is constantly on your feet all day, bring two pairs. One for the first half of your day, and one for the second have of the day. It will possibly make your feel a lot better especially if you are working on your feet all day.


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