Dress Well, Spend Less

Individuals tend to spend more than they should on clothes, shoes and accessories. There are ways to look like a million bucks without spending so much. Invest more on something that will last, that you will wear again.

  • Invest in classic items that all last you.  As long as you take care of them they will last a long time. For example, a classic blazer, a pair of good jeans, and a stylish shoe.
  • Accessories actually come cheap. Find ones that can go with any outfit. Also have a specific set for business attire and casual attire. Burlington Coat Factory or Marshals are really good places.
  • COUPONS! I can not stress this enough. If you have the time to shop, then you have the time to look for coupons (or online coupon codes).
  • Buy clothes off season. Winter clothes are normal on sale during the spring and summer. Summer clothing are normally on sale during the winter. Work with the season because instead of paying full price for clothing. You may find yourself actually getting a great deal for more than 50% off.
  • Sign up to receive offers from your favorite stores. I use one email for all my offers, coupons, and deals from different stores. For example, Victoria’s Secret send exclusive offers in the mail (normal quarterly) for a free item. I have got tens several free items from Victoria’s secret without spending a dime.
  • If you like shopping online, look for free shipping and a percentage off combo especially when it is on clearance.
  • CLEARANCE is your friend. Do not be afraid to search the clearance rack. You will be surprised what you may find.

Why spend full price when you can get items half price or more. I have save a lot of money by looking for bargains, shopping for deals, and not paying full price for items.

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