11. Friendships/Relationships

Understanding: He/She is really just a friend

When someone goes out with the opposite sex the public always seem to assume that they’re going together. Why is that? I have many friends that are males than female but that doesn’t mean that we’re interested in each other. When a close friend of the opposite sex is at your house it doesn’t mean that they’re making out or having “sex”


If you end up having feelings for your closest friend then it will be obvious to the public but they don’t need to ask. The public thinks that a female hanging out with a male and vise-versa means they will become a couple or “hook up”. The most likely thing is the best thing sometimes. That is what society needs to learn.


Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Look-alikes

Occasionally, you’ll go with someone who the public thinks you’re related to such as a brother or sister. It is strange how the general public assume a variety of different things. Many people assume ths because the couple wears glasses or enjoy the exact same thing. The one person could be Caucasian and the other could me Mexican and somehow the general public would assume they are related somehow either by the way they walk, dress or look. Somehow, everyone I ever dated had to be my twin or a sibling.


When couples walk down the street, the mall, or even at school they assume and ask if they are related preferably as brother and sister. It never fails. I went through it. Take the time to think how the couples feel when that question is asked. Think!


Relationships start out as a lifelong friendship

They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them and an entire lifetime to forget them but once you have friend you can honestly trust then that last forever. Some say your closest best friend of the opposite sex can possibly be your soul mate. Some never find out until it is too late.


Many friendships turn to relationship and stay that way but others don’t. If you have feelings for your best friend and/or close friend tell them. If they are your friend that you can honestly trust then telling them how you feel should not change the situation of being friends because you may be surprised how they actually feel about you.

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