10. Relationships


The Feeling
Every person, whether you are a male or a female, has liked someone before. They have thought of them as someone special. The person someone could have feelings for cold be a best friend you have known for a long period of time or someone you have just recently met. When you have that feeling make sure you review it. Don’t let the feeling take control of you yet you should go for what is in your heart not your head.

Question the Mind: Lust or Love
Things begins to unravel and trust is questioned. Figure out if he or she is the one and trust in your heart. If you want him for his body and you like someone else then the relationship is not trustworthy but if you want that person for his/her personality and their beliefs then you know that the relationship is true. Don’t let anyone else influence your decision or whether you should or should not explore the possibilities with that person. Stand behind the person you are with because if he/she is good then it will be well worth it. Think to yourself…take the advice given but follow your own example.

Broken hearts
I do not understand what people what. One minute you want someone and then the next minute you don’t. Why does everyone want a good person yet they are the ones who screw up in the end? Broken hearts happen all the time these days. No one seems to know how to treat anyone correctly. You carry the same loathsome, simple-minded excuse that it is not your fault but it is in the end.

Women seem to always been the ones who play minds games with men and then cheat on them. Then they somehow apologize like everything is ok or like nothing has happened. Men have this reputation to look at females a certain way which can offend the female that they are in a relationship with. Then cheating ends up being the common factor, which leads to a broken heart and betrayal.

So many relationships are ruined by blind ignorance. So try to find creative ways to get over the broken heart. It is the most difficult and seemingly impossible but with determination it can be done and you will find the person you were meant to be with.

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