09. Nightingale

09. Nightingale


Regaining All that I Deserve

Ever thought of what life is like to be alone? Many have lived it and others have relied on a higher power or another person. I have secrets as much as the next person but they are not regretful ones. We all try to go after what we deserve whether it is in relationships, work, promotions, and recognitions.
Somehow, some people try to tell you how to live your life and pass judgment. One thing, you should not pass judgment because judgment can be passed on you. At this point, you are just trying to survive and capture every opportunity. Go after what you deserve for once.

When I Found Out:

People say that the special person is right in front of you without you even knowing it. You never know whom you can come across. You can like someone one minute and fall in love the next minute. When do you truly find out? You don’t! It just happens, but when you know just make sure it is not too late. If you made a mistake; suck in your pride, apologize and make up. Yu will know that person is not the one when it too late. Let’s face it, it has to be after something terrible happens before you really know.


Rainy day or Hot Summer Day:

Everyday, people go about their life as if they were trying to accomplish a goal that they feel is within their reach, but some fear that they will fail only because they never take the time reflect on that which is the weakness. I believe that a weakness overcome becomes strength unbroken by anyone, because nothing scares us more then our fears and our weaknesses and to overcome these, we grow stronger. That is how my heart is. I keep all my weaknesses inside my soul and show them to that special person who sees past it. A rainy day is a time to reflect on those issues we feel are important or even a hot summer day under the air conditioner. Even though our body is inactive, our minds are concentrated on that thought which troubles us like a ripples rushing on a still waters. The sound the water makes when it hits the ground, feel nothing but peace for that moment.

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