08. Take Others As They Are

Stop Trying: It Doesn’t Work

Do people have to always have to change how others are? It seems to be recurring every single day. I ask myself these questions because I wonder why no one can accept people as how they are. If you do not want anyone to change you so why try changing someone else. Do not ask me. I will bluntly say no. Do not make me cantankerous because you will regret it later.

The Inner Child

Everyone in this ever-so-changing world has an inner child in them. Hold the door, because some people just want to be free. Like, myself, I like to free my mind at times so I will act carefree like there is nothing that will ever tear me down. It is one of those indescribable feelings you have and really does not emerge unless you are having some fun.  Fun = stress free.


My life is ready. Others are not. Their life is like a shatter-proof glass waiting to be broken. I found someone who broke that glass and unfroze me fragile heart of mine. Life these days is like a beautiful lie. Imagine how that feels.

Everything has a set goal. I am the type of person who always has goals prepared for myself. People are always willing to change others so much that those goals are not accommodated to that unprecedented change. Stop trying to change others and look at yourself for self-change.

I am ready to go and ready to explore the world. Everyone has that one goal and my goal consists of travels to new and exciting places. I want to explore and I know a lot of other people feel the same.

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