07. The Nicer You Are the Harder You Fall

Being Nice has its downfalls:

I am probably the nicest person you will ever come across. I have friends and a few close friends but no one to call my best friend. I hide my emotions like they are covered in a mask. Simple right? No, it isn’t. It isn’t that easy what-so-ever.

I get stabbed in the back that I thought was one of my friends. Ungrateful traitors! Perjur’d swains! The world is just so hypocritical. It is quite amusing.

Seriously, do people actually believe that bunch of garbage about how I am not like everyone else? I do not want to hear that. It is the same thing! Being nice and kind doesn’t get you anywhere anymore. I had been teased, bullied, had objects stolen from me, etc. Yet, at the end, I still smile like nothing happened. I just get

It seems as though relationships have no typical meaning anymore because people get hurt at the end. The real hurt. Honestly, some many women get tired of guys saying they have been hurt before knowing they were the ones doing the hurt and vise versa. Why does that statement exist??? I don’t believe in that!!! I do believe in second chances but once you say you are not like everyone else then you will most likely are not getting a chance from at all…seriously, unless some way you can actually prove it.

Another thing, I am tired of hearing that the important thing in a relationship is “sex”. It is not. ‘Sex’ and ‘Making love’ are two different perspectives but are confused to be the same. If you have ‘sex’ with someone and is truly means something (not having sex with no one else) then that is what we call ‘making love’. If you can have ‘sex’ and can do the same act with someone else then that s ‘sex’. Guys have no understanding of this concept and neither does some females. Funny, I wonder why??? Yet, at the end of everything there are some good humans in this world who aspire to find a true significant other. It is about trust, understanding, love, and commitment.


The Mind of Guys Sometimes (From My Prospective):

Sometimes they can be your best friend one minute and your complete enemy the next minute. I have many male friends, so I am fairly close to but only a few of them I can basically talk to them about anything. Guys always say that ‘girls’ are always breaking men’s heart. Well, that may be but guys do the same amount of damage. Yes, I know people make mistakes, everyone make mistakes but it isn’t a mistake when you make the same mistake more than twice. Guys need to learn the true meaning of a woman’s heart and not always sex. They can complain about how us women do not do certain things but think it is all right to do those same things that they are accusing the female of doing. Don’t just say you are going to do something; just prove it because you will find out that is all a women really wants.

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