05. Perjur’d Swains

Somehow I am always stabbed in the back by several people, but that ends! Some people continue to lie just so they can feel good about themselves. Just like everyone else, they are eliminated. I am in bittersweet exhaust. God knows when I will find a best friend worth my heart. Please, spare me the trauma. This world can be a traumatic lie sometimes, but I definitely deal with it.

Standing on the edge of infinity, arguing the abandonment of my reason.
Erasing my fundamental values, committing against myself, treason.

I let go of moral purity, my essential element missing, no longer dominated by passion, darkness I shall not pursue.

The pleasure of possessing surpasses all expressing in pity of your pain to rail at you in vain. Now, I am laughing hysterically.

That is what an insane person would have said or something I would say if I truly didn’t care, but I care too much. I am sensitive in a good, but independent. I am the generous one who cares about other rather than my own desires and wanting. Sometimes it’s good to look outside your life like an impartial observer and see if you find patterns to the people you attract into your life. I had to do that and realize that as well. It makes perfect sense to be extra careful.


As far as liars in society, I am not saying that I have not done my share of lying but usually to a point that I have to protect someone or obey their trust. I think you’ll find that some “in laws” push the boundaries a little too far. As for strangers and “who cares”, well they can and do start lies about people, in turn, some believe the lies that strangers tell them. Then the lie gets repeated as fact. Urban myth is a prime example. It is just society these days. It angers me sometimes, but then I learn to deal with it and let go and walking away with a little bit of knowledge on each situation.

Farewell, ungrateful traitors!
Farewell, my perjur’d swains!

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