03. Melancholy Bittersweet Loneliness

On the outside looking in:

I can always sit in my room wondering how my life turns out this way. I see everyone around, so cheerful and so happy. I am like a black circle wondering when my life will end. I look around, everyone having what they asked for and what they desire. I can get all the material things and even a boyfriend but I have yet to receive what I desired, a true best friend. Certain someone who thinks of me as their number one best friend and has my back at all times. I can always have normal friend and even close friends but I have yet to have a real best friend.

Written Acknowledgement:

I write my heart on stone. No matter if I am in a relationship it seems like I’ll never feel loved the way I desire. I walk around seeing everyone having that so-called special someone. Everyone complains about how they never find the right guy or girl but in reality that person is right in front of you or you had that person and you screwed up. I get tired of the complaining of what someone doesn’t have. Stop lying! You get what you desire.

The Word, Love:

Everyone has fallen in love before with a capital “L”. As human beings, we think that our most unique capacity is the ability to love and be loved.

“Love is divided into three basic ingredients:
Passion (including romance, physical attraction, and sexual craving);
Intimacy (all of those feelings of warmth, closeness, connectedness and bonded-ness);
Commitment (the decision to love someone and the commitment to sustain that love).

Your “Love” falls into one of these categories:
Infatuation:  Passion only.
Romantic Love:  Passion plus Intimacy.
Companionate Love:  Intimacy and Commitment, but devoid of Passion.
Compassionate Love:  Passion, Intimacy and Commitment.
Empty Love:  Only Commitment.
Liking:  Intimacy; but no Passion and no Commitment.
Fatuous Love:  Passion and Commitment, but no Intimacy.”

Question for you:  where are you on the list of categories above, with your partner, friend, and/or spouse?

I choose to strive for Compassionate Love even though I do not want children in the future.  That is the Love I want to live and that is how I am with the one I love.

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