Empath in Today’s World

It is really hard to be an empath in today’s world. I’ve been the individual that feels way too much especially for others. There have been a lot of things that have been said to me all my life. “You take things too personally” “Why are you so sensitive?” As someone who is an empathetic […]

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Loneliness As An Unwanted Guest

I never had a problem with being by myself. That is what an introvert like myself has always done. However, the feeling of loneliness waltzed in and out of my mind and even sometimes worsened my depression. The people I am surrounded by do not fully comprehended my overall complex. My depression does not cause […]

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Stand With Us Black Women

Everyday our black community is under attack. Not only just our race , our bodies, our hair and our livelihood but our reproductive health. As black women, our access to safe sexual and reproductive health care is in jeopardy. Black women has been the backbone of social movements in this country for such a long […]

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