Los Angeles Tattoo Convention 2018

Now that it is almost healed, the tattoo I received at the LA Tattoo Convention was well worth it especially as a first time attendee and getting my first tattoo. I am officially in the tattoo club.

The Los Angeles Tattoo Convention returned for its second year at The Long Beach Convention Center. This three day event brung in 240 artist. There were Botha of every style from tattoo artists, piercings, and even microbrading (something I never got in to). For me as an artist first before a graphic designer, this was definitely a networking opportunity.

Before attending, I did some research. This is still a new convention compared to the Golden State Tattoo Convention in Pasadena and the Tattoo & Body Art Expo in Pomona. Frank Tran, the owner of English Element Tattoo in Fountain Valley, is the producer for the LA Tattoo Convention. As statement he made really resonated with me as an artist, “I wanted to create a space where the art is judged with no bias”. He wants to bring tattooing to a positive light.

As I walked through the exhibitor hall, I see an array of people getting tattoos done from full back and full leg tattoos to something small. My goal was to get a few piercings and my first tattoo. To get my piercing, I stopped at Ink Divine Tattoo and met with the piercer names Sandi Martin. I got an eyebrow surface piercing (16GA) and a nose piercing (18GA). Now I have a total of 13 piercings. After completion, I went to get my tattoo done by Spooky, co-owner of Atomic Tattoo in Hollywood (which I had a previous appointment set up before the convention center). The tattoo is a serotonin chemical with a semi colon. This was something I drew myself to always remind myself to keep going no mater how difficult, stressful, and almost impossible it may seem. This will be one of many I will get in the future (Hint: It is Sailor Moon inspired) 🌙

Overall, even though I attended one day, the turnout was awesome and the people were wonderful. Good fun, art, and networking.

Harajuku Day Meet Up #35

Saturday, September 20th was the Halloween edition of the Harajuku Day Meet Up. The style for that day was simile Halloween inspired. Gothic style harajuku was my main focus.

Berry Below The Belt, & Moto Rush Mesh Top by Current Mood

Vicious Mistress Cage Top & Deadly Dose Snakeskin Harness by Club Exx

Trinity boots by Demonia

All were purchased at Dolls Kill

Lace vail from Sprit Halloween

Skirt by Tripp

Skeleton hand gloves and tights from Hot Topic

Face mask from Amazon


Black jumping eye pencil and eye paint from Nyx Cosmetics

Grey Areas

I am not a robot. My feelings are very much real. However, I have these irrational thoughts and I am suicidal. However, I am safe and I am not harming myself. I do go out and I am functional. However, I do wake up most mornings thinking I’m better off dead. Yet, I am “too functional” to be taking seriously about how I’m feeling or even my chronic pain. I still get up everyday, look presentable, and take care of what needs to be taking care of. My entire life I worked and try so hard to build a “normal” world for myself that it’s exhausting.

The last two years have been the most difficult because I’m telling more of how I’m feeling and I’m not keeping it to myself. I’m able to state I’m fatigued every morning. I am able to state I feeling a little down. I am able to state I am aching. The responses I get are “why”, “you are too young”, “you did even do anything”. I guess I need to be a certain age to feel validated on how I feel. My anxiety, my thoughts, the depression, it all makes me fatigue and genuinely exhausted almost every day.