Comic Con Revolution 2019

Characters from The Avengers to Warcraft to other popular characters and fans alike gather at the third annual Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, California. CCR attendees took photos with their favorite characters, browsed through the exhibit hall and attended panels.

Industry guests featuring the likes of Peter Cullen and the voice cast of Transformers, Sam Witwer who is the voice of Darth Mail and Agent Liberty from Supergirl and Phil Lamar who voices Samurai Jack and Hermès Conrad from Futurama!

Saturday hosts a day full of interesting panels. Being at noon, there is a panel on CBS’ longest running multi-camera sitcom in history, The Big Bang Theory after televising their final episode on May 16th. The contributing writer, Adam Faberman and Amanda Conner and Palmiotti discuss everything Big Bang Theory. It is bitter sweet for me as a fan since I have been watching The Big Bang Theory since freshman year in collage in 2008 (I was 18 years old then).

At 3pm begins the 35th anniversary of Transformers. It’s not just a panel, it’s a gathered celebration with the entire voice cast of Transformers. On top of that is the Stan Lee tribute. What would a comic con be without some mentioning of the iconic Stan Lee. Several esteemed guests gave tribute to the man who influenced and inspired generations of comic book fans, creators and the legacy he left.

Every year, at different conventions, I am impressed with the artists in artist alley. This year at CCR is no different. My excited is when artists create Sailor Moon fan gear and enamel pins.

The Disney Pin booth always draw the most attention at any convention. The Chibi Iron Man caught my eye the most especially after the release of Avengers: Endgame.

I did however purchase two pins: an Iron Man enamel pin and a Genie enamel pin.

I did expect to see a lot more Avengers. Iron Man, Captain America related merchandise. However, I did spot an amazing detail figure of the Infinity Gauntlet, Captain America and Iron Man. These are definitely a must for any fan and collector.

In addition, I learned about a new gummy by VPN Bytes. They are a new company selling gummies essentially for gamers. This definitely caught my interest being a fit nerd. The gummies helps protects from blue light and eye strain, increase focus and mental fatigue, helps with mental focus combining Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. It doesn’t taste to bad either.

Overall, Comic Con Revolution definitely has potential to be a convention for the Inland Empire. If you go to conventions, support your local artists at artist alley or at least stop by and have a cool conversation. I do hope this conventions grows to where it can have the same good reputation as ALA.

The End of An Era (Incoming Spoilers) – Avengers: Endgame!

The final movie, Avengers: Endgame was released April, 26 2019 and it is the greatest finale you could ever image…21 films! Floating around in space with no food or water, Tony Stark sends a message to Pepper Potts as his oxygen runs low. Meanwhile, the remaining Avengers — Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and Bruce Banner — must figure out how to bring back half the population that vanished in the hands of Thanos. This was one movie that you will be filled with every ounce of emotion.

I feel as though Endgame focuses on the original 6 Avengers while Infinity War was really Thanos’ movie. I didn’t know what to really expect from the movie, but I did know a lot of questions would be answered with this film. Endgame really pulled together a lot of different stories, while being together a whole arching plot. Best believe you will get emotional when watching Endgame whether it is of sadness or joy.

By this time, everyone has seen Infinity where Thanos snaps his fingers to eliminate half of humanity. With Endgame, I could break it down to three parts. With any movie, there is always a “calming” or “setting the scene” stage, which is the beginning of the movie. This is the most essential part of the movie because we get to see sides of the characters we don’t normally see — the vulnerable sides. We really find out who each Avenger is and their personalities. They show what their life’s are like after the snap and how it affects them as a person. Marvel movies are superhero films from beginning to end but with Endgame, we get to see their human side and their emotions.

Black Widow runs most of the operation while looking for Clint who lost his entire family after the snap. Clint becomes a Ronin in Tokyo killing “evil” people. You can really see the pain after loosing his entire family after Thanos’ snap.

We jump to how the snap affected Thor. Not to well at all. He gets fat and is unable to deal with everything that has happened with that five years span. This is probably the most awkward scene.

I think the most heartwarming scene in the movie is Stark and Pepper having a daughter and actually living a normal life.

The next part is the mission. The mission is plan and simple, “whatever it takes” to bring back everyone. It is a combination of everything.

Black Widow’s sacrifice felt right to me because it came full circle. She paid her life for Clint as he did for her years ago.

Obviously, the last part is the epic battle. What’s a MCU film without some sort of battle? I believe it’s the best battle I’ve seen. With that being said, the two most important yet epics scenes is when Cap grabs Thor’s hammer. You will hear Thor say “I knew it” relating back to a scene when Thor sees Cap move his hammer when trying to pull on it. The other scene is when EVERYONE comes back to fight Thanos and his army and with this you hear the the phrase for the final time, “AVENGERS! Assemble!” Honestly, I was in awe of the cinematic history taken place. It’s so incredible that I (and probably other fans) watched it twice. All the stories fit into place and so many emotions within three hours.

The most important death is Iron Man. Even though I expected it I didn’t want it to happen. His last words were what started it all “I am Iron Man” after swiping the Infinity Stones from Thanos and snapped his fingers wiping Thanos and his army from existence.

The focus on the characters were really a good portion of the movie. I think the character development of Hawkeye was the best in any MCU film. We learn more of Captain Marvel in Endgame as well. She is a part of the original Avengers.

At the very end, Captain America has a major impact on the MCU films as a whole. He went to back in time to put each infinity stone in its place in time. When it was time to come back, he did not return. He returned as an old man. He finally was able to live his life with Peggy. He then passed his shield to Sam, which was the right call. He is essentially the next Cap, which also happens in the comics.

Were there any negatives of the film? I couldn’t find any even after watching it a second time. I enjoyed formulating my own opinions after Infinity War. Endgame was really a movie for the fans. 21 films leading up to this. 11 years of film making leading up to this. This is one film to just enjoy. Endgame is really a perfect end to a masterpiece in my opinion.

Anime Pasadena 2019

Fans have gathered to Anime Pasadena on April 20th 2019, a one-day convention hosted by Nerdbot Media. It is even better that it is Easter Weekend. While Nerdbot Media has another one-day Convention, Nerdbot-Con, Anime Pasadena is on their second year held at the Pasadena Convention Center.

The convention hosted a lot of local and indie artists from unique merchandise to anime to clothing items, there is something for everyone. In addition to the artists, the cosplayers were all over the convention center and throughout downtown old Pasadena. The time and care each cosplayer took into their work was a delight. Outside the convention center was the place for all cosplayer and the best location for excellent photos. The photo rooms has always been the biggest staple for not Nerdbot hosted conventions. J Rulison has always been the main photographer with always having quality photos.

The highlight of the day, well for me, is the fashion show. I had the pleasure to be in the fashion show for My Hamachi Designs by Eunice Wang debuting her new line, Tong Hua Collection. Other designers include Princess Dreaming, Gumdrop Galaxy, Commons Only Clothing and A Read Thread Clothing.

Haro, Mandy, Sean, Laarnie, Vixey, Sekka, Simone, and me!

In addition to the fashion show, we had our monthly meetup for Harajuku day. Added some plaid for some Harajuku esthetic with my entire steampunk outfit.

Another highlight is Jason Paige singing the Poke’mon theme song. Now as for someone who is less than a year shy of 30 remember the first Poke’mon theme song is pure nostalgia for me.

Anime Pasadena was a small con in terms of space and square feet but it made up for in entertainment and awesomeness. Nerdbot’s states goal is to be “your alternative to the huge, faceless and expensive conventions with long lines that steal your soul and your wallet”. Looks like they succeeded for the second time.