Heartbreaking when you loose someone

At 11:15am on September 14th, my aunt Carla Moore-Diggs died and it’s heartbreaking. My dad and I always came by when I was a kid. I wanted to go more often than my dad did because I always enjoyed my time there.

I was able to finally save enough money to see my dad and you was so excited and wanted to meet my fiancé. You wanted me to be happy. You knew me as the creative person but always introverted and reserved but you never judged me for it.

I never even expect you’ll be gone this soon. I didn’t call as much but when I did we talked for hours. Now I can’t call you but I will make sure uncle Richard is okay. I fell so sad and numb because you knew me more on the type of person I was on the inside rather than how I acted.

I love you auntie. 🌻

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