Orbitkey Ring

I finally got me an Orbitkey ring. This brand was created in 2013 in Australia. Their pieces are inspired by intentional living and contemporary industrial design. As designers, we are problem solvers and with Orbitkey, their main objective was to solve the frustration of cluttered bags and messy keys while making it simple and effective.

With the keyring, this was the best clever solution to an ever-so old problem — keyring damaged fingernail. I have damaged so many natural nails of mine with a traditional keyring. I was hooked the first time I saw this.

The Orbitkey really provides beautiful and minimalistic approach to carrying your keys. The keyring itself is stainless steel, the leather of their other products are hand crafted and precision of their stitching with their other products.

This is one product I think everyone should invest in. This also includes the clip and the key organizer, which are next on my list.

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