These SongX wireless earbuds has a beautiful sleek and innovative design. You can choose from 4 different colors and is made from the highest-grade components — liquid alloy so they are pretty sturdy when you drop them. I purchased the hunter green.

For the sound, these pack a powerful punch — dynamic speakers and hi-fi sound quality and the battery life is 5 hours straight. You will actually get almost 3 hours straight out the package. I love the fact the it supports not only wired charging but the latest QI charging. Controlling the functions is even easier with a tap or three.

The automatic pairing and the flip shut to close the disconnect is really nice. If I walk past the distance it disconnects and reconnects when I’m in range. Overall, these earphones have a great design, very comfortable for my ear, decent sound and plenty of sound. No volume control may be a downside but worth it for the price current $59.99.

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