Anime Pasadena 2019

Fans have gathered to Anime Pasadena on April 20th 2019, a one-day convention hosted by Nerdbot Media. It is even better that it is Easter Weekend. While Nerdbot Media has another one-day Convention, Nerdbot-Con, Anime Pasadena is on their second year held at the Pasadena Convention Center.

The convention hosted a lot of local and indie artists from unique merchandise to anime to clothing items, there is something for everyone. In addition to the artists, the cosplayers were all over the convention center and throughout downtown old Pasadena. The time and care each cosplayer took into their work was a delight. Outside the convention center was the place for all cosplayer and the best location for excellent photos. The photo rooms has always been the biggest staple for not Nerdbot hosted conventions. J Rulison has always been the main photographer with always having quality photos.

The highlight of the day, well for me, is the fashion show. I had the pleasure to be in the fashion show for My Hamachi Designs by Eunice Wang debuting her new line, Tong Hua Collection. Other designers include Princess Dreaming, Gumdrop Galaxy, Commons Only Clothing and A Read Thread Clothing.

Haro, Mandy, Sean, Laarnie, Vixey, Sekka, Simone, and me!

In addition to the fashion show, we had our monthly meetup for Harajuku day. Added some plaid for some Harajuku esthetic with my entire steampunk outfit.

Another highlight is Jason Paige singing the Poke’mon theme song. Now as for someone who is less than a year shy of 30 remember the first Poke’mon theme song is pure nostalgia for me.

Anime Pasadena was a small con in terms of space and square feet but it made up for in entertainment and awesomeness. Nerdbot’s states goal is to be “your alternative to the huge, faceless and expensive conventions with long lines that steal your soul and your wallet”. Looks like they succeeded for the second time.

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