Poetically Unspoken Vol 1. Available on Amazon


Often times, we find ourself in difficult situations and unforgettable experiences. My way of expressing life is not just through art, but through writing. I have been writing poetry for many years, even when I was in middle school. It was my way of getting through being sad, bullying, feeling alone, relationships, and even happiness.

Writing poetry is my way of getting everything out in the open about how I am feeling, no matter what it was. When it came to important issues, I turn to writing spoken word poetry. It had a definite meaning and power I could write about. After writing 6 notebooks worth of poetry, many files of Microsoft word documents, and two poetry blogs (now one), I finally have a published poetry book. It is my poetic memoir; a diary of thoughts and feelings. It wa my way of getting through my childhood emotionally, and through life. It is an ongoing process, but it works for me. Purchase my poetic memoir: Poetically Unspoken on Amazon today.

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