Articles On Gender

Articles on Gender

The article “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid is a simply a good article to read because behind all the general statements it explains how a girl is supposed to act.  It also tells how a girl should do general things, especially around the house and in public such as, “wash white clothes on Monday” [Pg: 381], it tries to explain that a girl should always wash white clothes on Monday. In today’s society, that does not happen. Most of the world washes clothes on the weekend since people usually do not work on the weekends. This article also bring up a valid point, now women have the freedom to do whatever she please without  anyone telling them how a task should be done or when to do a given task.

The article “The Story of My Body” by Judith Ortiz Cofer is a very good article that can teach people about themselves. It explains how a woman can go through racial discrimination at any age such as, when the author talks about what a pregnant woman could say: “I hope my baby does not turn out prieto” [Pg: 394]. Basically, that explains the discrimination of blacks. In the other categories such as; skin, size, and looks, it can teach you to be proud in whom you are no matter what type of skin, the size you are, or the way you look. This article can be taken in a spiritual way, because God created each person differently for a reason with flaws and for a person to be able to look past those flaws and learn from them.

The article “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender” by Aaron H Devor is not an interesting article to read because it cannot teach you about who you are. It explains the gender identities of behaviors and attitudes. I truly disagree with this quote: “We don’t believe in pressuring the children. When the time is right, they’ll choose the appropriate gender” [Pg: 391]. How can someone choose their own gender? It seems like it is saying that people can choose their own gender willingly whenever they want. Each person is born a certain way, whether it is a male or female. Maybe years later a person can decide to change their gender with the appropriate change of clothing or attitude, but every person is born a gender by natural genetics of the human body. This article would not be something to either read or learn from.

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